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    Since 400 B.C, Macedonia has had a rich tradition of producing magnificent wood carvers, sculptors and stone carvers; Gecovski is the latest example of that tradition. Born in Macedonia, in 1964, Gecovski was modeling and experimenting with clay at the age of seven. At fourteen, he entered into the ancient art of wood carving, starting his formal and traditional training in decorative sculpture on the altars of churches.

    The young and impressionable Gecovski was fortunate to be surrounded by the imagery of Roman and Greek mythology, with its heroic warriors epic battles. Determined to excel at his art, the young artist adopted the same traditional tools and techniques of the ancient sculptors, such as Leucippus. To this day he continues to admire the grace and majesty of form of Phidias, the greatest sculptor of the ancient world. The unsurpassable excellence of Michelangelo Canova is another driving force that shapes the artistic goals of the artist who marvels at the Renaissance sculptor’s understanding of the human form and the expression of human emotion, also pays meticulous attention to details, form and unquestionably demonstrates his passion for his art. 

    Gecovski elevated his art to a new level and brought an increasing number of new admirers, as his work began to feature Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Apollo, Achilles, Pans, Centaurs, etc.

    Presently, his incredibly life-like sculptures and limited edition plaques are on display at Ancient Excavation, galleries in Toronto, Montreal, Rochester New York, and now available online at - His original creations and classical art reproductions are frequently used to adorn the exteriors and interiors of custom-built homes in Canada and the United States, and are purchased by private collectors around the world.

    His creations are conceived in his heart and emerge magically through his skilled hands, characterized by elegance of proportion and graceful beauty.