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    Procession of Alexander the Great Large Plaque

    Limited Edition of 250

    When Philip II ascended to the throne in 359 BC, Macedonia was in danger of being engulfed by wild barbarian tribes to the north and wily Greek cities to the south. Philip had to expand the power of the throne or be swallowed up: the creation pf a powerful army was imperative. When his son, Alexander, inherited his kingdom at the age of 20, he also inherited an army which was truly unrivalled. The Macedonians were veterans of battle, well equipped and eager for conquest. Add to this Alexander’s supreme gift for military command, and it is little wonder they achieved so much.

    Product No: #227

    Weight: 150 Lb. (68 kg).
    Dimensions: W: 66" (1.67m) H: 27.25" (0.69m) D: 4" (0.1m)

    In Stock: Yes

    Price: $3699.99