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    Alexander the Great Sarcophagus Large Plaque (Hunt Scene)

    This is one of the four panels of the Alexander Sacrophagus, the hunting scene showing Macedonians and Persians hunting wild animals together, with the help of dogs. Some Macedonians are depicted in heroic nudity, and that is especially the case in the remaining panels of Alexander Sarcophagus where unlike in this panel, the Macedonians and Persians are fighting each other. The Macedonian cavalry companions are dressed unlike the foot soldiers, and on one of the panels, the sculptor carved out the figure of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great riding his horse Buchephales. This ancient sculpture masterpiece has now been hand-sculpted and for the first time offered to the modern collector of ancient art. It weighs an enormous 170 lbs (77 kg) and is 86 inches long (2.18m), 26 inches high (0.66m) and 5.5 inches deep (0.14m).

    Product No: #269

    Weight: 170 Lb. (77 kg).
    Dimensions: W: 86" (2.18m) H: 26" (0.66m) D: 5.5" (0.14m)

    In Stock: Yes

    Price: $3699.99