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    Acanthus Fireplace Mantle, Not in wood (ONLY IN STONE)

    This beautiful large Acanthus fireplace mantel on the picture is hand-sculpted in wood in a personal residency, but our store is offering it for the first time in heavy-weight cast stone (not of plaster) and hand painted with antique finish to enhance its historical background.

    Inner fireplace opening dimensions: W: 47.5" maximum (the legs are adjustable to decrease the 47.5" maximum to desirable distance); H: 43" (can be extended by adding additional marble, tile, or molding piece between the legs and the ground floor.

    The price includes making of a mold of the existing wooden fireplace, casting in stone (not in plaster as many do today to save on cost), and finishing with rust antique application. Please note that this mantel is much larger then the smaller Acanthus mantel that is in our store. It is a one-of-a-kind hand carved in wood original artwork.
    We also offer other fireplace mantels in our store.
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  • Product No: #012

    Weight: about 250 Lb.
    Dimensions: W: 87.5 H: 55.5 D: 14.5

    In Stock: Yes

    Price: $5500.00