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    Persian Horse from Persepolis

    Persepolis was the capital of the mighty ancient Persian Empire. It was a beautiful city, adorned with precious artworks of which unfortunately very little survives today. When Alexander the Great conquered the city, he gave orders to the Macedonians to destroy it, in the similar fashion as they had already done in with Thebes when Greece was conquered. The palace of the Persian Achaemenid kings was burned, the city was looted and its citizens massacred, in one of the most brutal and savage acts in history. Most of the sculptures were also destroyed and what remains is very little that still testifies of the great artistic abilities of the ancient Persians. The Persian Horse is one such proof of the greatness of the ancient Persian art. This is a hand carved sculpture of an ancient Persian horse, one of the many that once decorated the palaces of the Persian "kings of the kings". It was first carved in clay, and then it was produced in cast stone. Ancient Sculpture Gallery is proud to offer for the first time ever to the admirer of the much ignored and underestimated beautiful Persian art, a unique opportunity to own a unique Persian masterpiece.

    Product No: #015

    Weight: 290 Lbs.
    Dimensions: W: 23" H: 28" D: 12

    In Stock: Yes

    Price: $4390.00