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    Venus de Milo statue

    Venus is the Roman goddess of love, equivalent to Greek Aphrodite and Etruscan Turan. Her cult began in Ardea and Lavinium, Latium. Venus became a popular subject of painting and sculpture during the Renaissance period in Europe. As a "classical" figure for whom nudity was her natural state, it was socially acceptable to depict her unclothed. As the goddess of love, a degree of erotic beauty in her presentation was justified, which had an obvious appeal to many artists and their patrons.

    This statue is reproduction of the famous Venus de Milo now in the Louvre Museus in Paris.

    Product No: #235

    Weight: 15 Lb.
    Dimensions: W: 7.5" H: 25.5" D: 8.5"

    In Stock: Yes

    Price: $350.00