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    Shiva Mask

    Shiva is a form of Eashwara or God in the Vedic scriptures or as corrupted in Hinduism. Adi Sankara interprets the name îiva to mean "One who purifies everyone by the utterance of His name" or the Pure One, that is, one who is not affected by the three gunas (characteristics) of Prakrti (matter): Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. However, îiva is commonly known as "the destroyer." Additionally, îiva can also mean, "the Auspicious One." He is often depicted as the husband of Uma. In the process of creation, Lord Shiva is the primeval being and creates the other members of the trimurti. He is symbolized by the wisdom of the Serpent. Mahadeva is another name for Shiva.

    Product No: #055

    Weight: 4.5 Lb.
    Dimensions: W: 5.25" H: 17.5" D: 3.5"

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    Price: $69.00